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May 7, 2013

Our 4 Favorite Family Restaurants in Rockford, Illinois

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The Registar Star Building in downtown Rockford, IL

Rawson Custom Woodworks, LLC has deep roots in Rockford, IL. Brian Rawson, the founder of Rawson Custom Woodworks, LLC, is a Rockford native through and through, so we take great pride in our city.

One of the great things about Rockford, IL is it's selection of wonderful restaurants. With the array of restaurants in our city, there is a little something for everyone’s tastes. So here are some of our favorites restaurants here in Rockford:

The Machine shed:

The Machine Shed is a small chain of restaurants with locations in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. They serve food straight from the Midwest farmer’s kitchen, with meals that included only the freshest meat and vegetables like their famous potato soup. For a fun fact, back in 2012, Mitt Romney came to Rockford, IL for a campaign stop and lunch at The Machine Shed.

(Mitt Romney Rockford, IL CSPAN)

Backyard Grill:

Backyard Grill is a Rockford gem. With three locations in the Rockford area, Backyard Grill cherishes their community. Within each restaurant, the walls are covered in murals depicting each restaurant’s specific neighborhood. Their food is also a reflection of the community. They serve delicious cook-out recipes such as juicy burgers, steaks, and BBQ chicken, making Backyard Grill one of the many Rockford institutions.

Johnny Pamcakes:

There is nothing like a great breakfast to start your day, and there’s nothing like breakfast at Johnny Pamcakes. Johnny Pamcakes is simply one of the best family restaurants in all of Rockford. Whether you order their genuine Swedish pancakes, home-style biscuits and gravy, or delicious stuffed French toast, you will have a wonderfully tasty start to your day.

Beef A Roo:

Anyone who knows anything about Rockford, IL knows about Beef A Roo. Beef A Roo has become something of a city icon. They have seven locations across the entire Rockford area, with each restaurant having a different theme, such as a fire engine and train station restaurant.They serve classic American sandwiches such as their famous shredded roast beef sandwich. So if you're in Rockford, you've got to go to the Roo!

So whether you’re a Rockford native or just planning a visit, make sure to check out these great restaurants. At anyone of these wonderful places, you’ll be sure to have a great meal in a great city.

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