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May 30, 2013

With Twenty Years of Experience, Here's Our Best Tips on How to Transform Your Kitchen: Tip #2

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Rawson Custom Woodworks, LLC's tutorial on how to upgrade your kitchen cabinet's 

Rawson Custom Woodworks, LLC fully encourages the DIY spirit. There are so many projects that you can do to beautify your home, and we want to guide you through those projects.

Many people ask us what steps they can take to update their kitchen. One of the tips we advise is adding trim details to your cabinets (DIY Kitchn Upgrade #1).

Another tip is changing the hardware on your cabinet doors and drawers. By upgrading the door hinges and drawer slides, your kitchen will literally feel like its brand new, and by upgrading the door knobs and drawer pulls, your kitchen will look like its brand new.

A word of caution though, many cabinets use sidemount drawer slides, so if your drawers do use sidemount slides and if you want to add undermount slides, you will have to resize or make new drawers to fit the dimensions of the new hardware.

Drawer slide from 

For this upgrade, we recommend you bring the drawers to us. We resize and remake any cabinet part.

You can of course upgrade to new sidemount hardware or you can upgrade to filing cabinet style hardware without altering your existing drawers. However, you will need to check the size of your drawers and the dimension of the new hardware very carefully.

We are more than happy to consult you on your project. If you have any questions about the sizing of your drawer to the hardware, please feel free to call or email us.
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Thankfully, if you are changing visible door hinges (door hinges that you can see when the door is closed) to new visible hinges, there shouldn't be any difficulties. However if you want to change to concealed hinges, you will have to check the door profile to make sure your new hinges will fit your doors.

Again, call or email us with any questions you may have. We assist many people through their DIY projects, and we would love to offer our help to you.

But don't be dismayed, changing knobs and pulls is much easier than changing your slides and hinges. To change your knobs and pulls, just make sure you match the hole count, meaning if your existing knob or pull has two screws make sure your new knob or pull has two screws. (If your exisiting hardware uses more than one screw, you will need to measure the spacing between the screws and make sure your new hardware matches both the number of screws and the spacing between the screws of your old hardware.) Once you match the hole count, it is as simple as unscrewing your old knob or pull and screwing on your new ones.

Also, when it comes to buying new hardware, there is no one set brand that is the very best. With hardware, the simple adage, "You get what you pay for," holds true. Of course, everyone has to work within a budget, but if you are making this upgrade, make to sure to budget for quality hardware.

Not only can we remake your cabinet parts and offer consultation through your entire project but we can also help you purchase your new hardware. We work directly with hardware manufacturers, so we can help get you the best hardware at the best price.

So even though there can be some difficulty involved, changing your kitchen cabinet's hardware is a great way to upgrade your cabinets without having to do a complete remodel. By changing hardware, you can beautify the heart of your home in a timely and cost-saving manner.

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