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March 15, 2013

With Over Twenty Years of Experience, Here's Our Best Tips on How to Transform Your Kitchen: Tip #1

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At Rawson Custom Woodworks, LLC, we fully encourage the DIY spirit. Many times, we can help save our customers money by showing them how they can complete their projects themselves. We always offer assistance and consultation to our customers. However when it comes to sprucing up your home, there are many projects that you can do yourself. For instance, instead of resorting to full remodeling or replacement, there are a few simple and frugal steps that anyone can do to upgrade their kitchen cabinets.

One of these steps is adding trim details. Many kitchens do not have trim details such as crown trim and accent trim. But adding these details is relatively simple. By adding crown trim to the top of your cabinets and accent trim to the bottom of your cabinets, you can bring a touch of sophistication and elegance to any kitchen.

Maple kitchen cabinets 
   showcasing cabinet accent trim

The first step in this project (and the first step in any DIY project) is making sure you have the right tools. The major tools you will need for adding trim to your kitchen cabinets are a miter box/chop saw and a pneumatic nail gun with accompanying air hose and air compressor. You will also need a good tape measure, pencil, wood filler, and workbench.

After you have your tools, you will need to purchase your material. At any local hardware/lumber store, you will find many styles of trim. For this project, you will want to select crown trim and accent trim. Both of these trim styles come in a variety of stock designs, so you will have to compare the designs to your kitchen cabinets to see which one fits best with your kitchen. Of course, adding trim is a great way to change the style of your kitchen. We offer a full line of custom trim. So if you want to update your kitchen to a new style, we can help you by offering trim you can’t find at regular lumber yards and hardware stores.

Now, after gathering your tools and materials, the next step is to install your new trim onto your kitchen cabinets. Installing trim does have its challenges. So make sure you buy plenty of extra trim to anticipate any difficulties. Here is a helpful video that walks you through the most difficult part of installing trim on your kitchen cabinets, cutting outside corners. Thankfully, adding trim to kitchen cabinets only requires you to cut outside corners. However, if you choose to add trim to the rest of your kitchen, you will have to cut inside corners too which requires coping the inside trim seams (and just in case, here is another helpful video on coping).

So be brave! Don’t be afraid to tackle your own projects. Just remember, at Rawson Custom Woodworks, LLC, we’re here to help. So if you are having difficulties, if you have any DIY questions, or if you want a price on our custom trim offerings- just give us a call at


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